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Our Partners

At Fair Isle, we are both inspired by and inextricably connected to the abundance of ingredients grown here in the Pacific Northwest. Whether it be craft malted grains, hops, or locally grown fruits and veggies, these elements make it possible for our beers to be a specific expression of time and place. These are the stories behind our amazing vendor partners and what makes their products so outstanding.

When we started planting the seeds for Fair Isle, we knew that we needed to find local ingredients to produce a high-quality product that is a reflection of our environment.


The area surrounding us provides a wide variety of malts, hops, and fruit, native only to Washington. The variety of micro climates in the Pacific Northwest from mild temperatures and abundant rainfall to dry and arid environments creates an expression of terroir specific to each partner we work with.

Using local ingredients is not the cheapest or easiest route, however, it connects us to the ecosystem and taps us into the family farms of the Pacific Northwest. We not only know where our ingredients are coming from, but we know the people behind them. Through local ingredients, our beers are connected to people, place, and time creating a unique experience with every sip.

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