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The Knitting Circle is our bottle membership. Our approach to these beers is not necessarily about finding the best barrel or using the most obscure and expensive ingredients. Instead, our intent is primarily twofold: to offer early insight into the direction of Fair Isle and to share small, thoughtful, experimental batches.

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Each year we create eight 750ml bottles, releasing two each quarter, and offer our members the ability to make additional purchases. Often these batches include limited and seasonal foraged ingredients that result in a one-off beer expressing that particular time and place. Some batches reveal themselves as a result of handpicking specific barrels or puncheons with you in mind. In some cases, these experiments are so successful and compelling that we can’t wait to take what we’ve learned and apply it to larger-scale production.

Knitting Circle members are granted exclusive access to look behind the curtain to experience how our beers are made through special events, tours, and private openings.

Fair Isle is a small island off the North coast of Scotland. The island is famous for developing a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors, which is more famous than the island itself. Our membership club, The Knitting Circle, is a play on this name.

We open up the knitting circle to new members every December. Sign up for our 2022 waitlist to be the first in line.

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