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Beers that reflect the Pacific Northwest

Created with ingredients farmed and foraged in the Pacific Northwest. Fermented with our house culture of wild and feral yeasts and bacteria.


Origins Of Farmhouse Beer

Farmhouse beer originated before the industrial revolution when beer was not yet produced with laboratory isolated and tightly controlled commercial yeasts, as is common today.  Instead, beer was naturally fermented with wild yeasts and bacteria. Because the yeast cultures were locally and naturally occurring, the beers were unique to each specific brewery’s location, creating flavors representing a specific place and time.

Today, farmhouse beer doesn't have to be brewed on a farm; it’s more about a mindset and respect for its origins.  It’s about embracing variation rather than avoiding it. We like to think of ourselves as shepherds rather than controllers - giving our fermentation cultures the time they need to make great beer.

Depth Of Mixed Culture

We believe in the  incredible amount of depth and nuance that comes with mixed culture. While a solo violinist creates beautiful music, there’s the experience that a symphony creates that can’t be replicated by one artist.

Natural Resources

This is the Emerald City - things grow here, lots of wonderfully delicious things. We live in a place where there’s not just great hops but several craft maltsters producing a wide range of malt, wonderful fruit grown a short distance away, and several different geographical areas that offer an enormous selection of foraging to be had.