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Beast & Cleaver finds a home at Fair Isle – Seattle Times

We’re proud to announce the next evolution of food at Fair Isle: Beast & Cleaver at 49th St!

From the beginning, food and collaboration have been part and parcel to Fair Isle Brewing – from creating culinary inspired saisons to hosting a magnitude of guest chefs and pop-ups. This summer we’ll enter a new chapter and work alongside @beastandcleaver at our 49th St taproom to provide a regular weekly menu focused on dry aged meats, fermentation, smoked vegetables, and seasonal desserts. This collaboration will involve a full-time team cooking the food you’ve come to love from Beast & Cleaver including burgers, charcuterie, smoked veggies and fermented noshes. The kitchen will be directed by executive chef Jaimon Westing, the former executive chef at No Anchor in Belltown and currently leads @amino_seattle.

Three and half years ago we opened our doors and we’re excited to welcome Beast & Cleaver into our home.