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Rachelle wins big at GABF!


WHOOP! WHOOP! Rachelle just won a bronze at #GABF!

Congrats to everyone here at Fair Isle and to our talented Washington providers @sidhufarms, @lincmalts and @copperworksdist for making Rachelle an award winning beer.

An ode to vibrant ruby red locally grown rhubarb, Rachelle is one of our favorite summer beers. Rhubarb is often used to bolster the flavor of other ingredients, and in this saison we think of it in a similar way: while the simple grist of the base beer allows rhubarb’s unique tartness to shine, it also amplifies the inherent fruitiness of our house culture of wild yeasts and bacteria.

This batch starts with a blend of oak-aged saisons featuring Elwha River Spelt and Francin Pilsner from the wonderful folks @lincmalt. The beautiful rhubarb was provided by @sidhufarms, which was then added to the beer in our totes before being transferred to neutral gin casks from @copperworksdist where it completed the aging process.

We get bright, fresh notes of watermelon rind, watermelon hard candy, and a subtle herbaceous hit coming through in the brisk, dry finish. And thanks to being packaged in slim cans, Rachelle is now perfect to bring along on all your adventures!