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Neighborhood Eats brings you 3 great pop-ups to hit up around Seattle

You can find these tavern-style burgers every weekend at Ballard’s Fair Isle Brewing. 

I love pop-ups. There’s a sense of community and an undercurrent of excitement. All food can deliver a feeling of ephemera, but especially so when you’ve gotten to experience something that isn’t always around — be it doughnuts or a multicourse dinner. When dining rooms shut on March 17, it seemed the pop-up scene in Seattle might be on hold indefinitely.

Michael Tsai and Matthew Curtis are the men behind Three Sacks Full. That pop-up at Ebb & Company was the last time they served guests inside a dining room — but they haven’t stopped popping up, and luckily, neither have other Seattle-area pop-ups.

In fact, Tsai and Curtis — who also have a little half-acre “farmlette” between Carnation and Duvall — say they feel “so much busier now.” The regular schedule for Three Sacks Full was tied to the seasons; around once every four to six weeks in winter, while summer and harvest season had the duo hosting pop-ups every three weeks.

Now they’re selling to-go dinners every other week, with pickups on Wednesday at Columbia City’s La Medusa and Thursday at Ebb & Company in Bryant.

“What’s been interesting is we’ve ended up expanding our community and reaching people who might not have found us before,” said Tsai.

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