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Jep Release | Chicago Style Hotdogs

June 17 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Jep | Monday, June 17th with Chicago Style Dogs

Jep is a saison aged in the world famous Jeppson’s Malört casks. Our Taproom GM, Kerri, is a Chicago native and joined us just over two years ago. With in the first week of her being here, we all were christened through a Chicago Handshake – a shot of Malört with an Old Style beer. So when we were given the opportunity to purchase a few Malört casks, we jumped on it. Malört made its debut in Chicago in the 1920s, when Swedish immigrant Carl Jeppson began selling the traditional wormwood-based Swedish-style schnapps also known as beskbrännvin, or besk for short.

Jep started off as a honey rye saison then aged in Malört casks for eight months before packaging. The aim was to create a saison for those Malört aficionados  while balancing the distinct bitterness –  creating a beer that might convert more skeptics over to Malört. At first sip, the infamous bitterness is soft and hidden, but as the glass empties, it lingers and builds.

To celebrate on Monday, we’ll be serving up Chicago Style Dogs and talking all things Chicago!