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W&L No. 031: Desdemona

a saison with Washington-grown strawberries and rhubarb

Strawberry-rhubarb pie signals a change in seasons – so we captured this classic combination by blending a grisette dosed with strawberries with a certain rhubarb saison to welcome summer in Seattle just in time for the holiday weekend. 

These beautiful strawberries and rhubarb were both grown in Puyallup by our friends Sidhu Farms, provided by Farmstand Local Foods. 2 lbs per barrel of Puget Resilience strawberries, a varietal known for its hardiness and deep red-hued flesh, were added to a light and easy-drinking grisette to set the stage. The rhubarb’s inherent acidity balances the soft sweetness of the berries, creating a beautiful fruit profile mid-palate and a lively tartness on the finish reminiscent of watermelon rind. 

Desdemona wouldn’t exist without the exceptional produce grown right here in the Puget Sound region, which continuously inspires us to showcase seasonal flavors in our Windward and Leeward series. We’re eager for you to taste this one.

Providers: Farmstand Local Foods, Sidhu
5.4% ABV
Fruited, Saison Style
Enigma Dry Hops