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W&L No. 030: Iggy

a saison dry-hopped with Australian Enigma 

An exercise in simplicity, this week’s Windward and Leeward keg is here to usher in the warmer days.


Although we don’t primarily focus on hop-forward beers, they are part and parcel to the brewing culture of the Pacific Northwest. Knowing that beers like Bobbi and Eugene are well-suited to sunny days, we decided to hone in on an enticing hop variety from down under: Enigma.


Enigma gives off a beautiful aromatic bouquet of ripe berries, and this lot from Crosby Hops seemed perfect for a hefty dry-hop additions to one of our brighter saison bases – tasting it now, we’re right chuffed with how Warren captures Enigma’s unique flavor profile.


Each note is a little taste of paradise: raspberry soft serve from the ice cream stand; a homemade jar of red currant jam; a bowl of fruity pebbles on a hot morning; a slice of papaya on the beach. A soft mouthfeel harmonizes with the distinctive dryness of our house yeast culture for this truly quaffable summer patio beer.


Now available on draft in our taproom!

Providers: Crosby Hops
6.2% ABV
Citra, Mosaic Hops
Enigma Dry Hops