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W&L No. 029: Annika

a saison with Rooibos tea and cascara

This latest installment in our taproom-only series explores the interplay between two special ingredients: coffee fruit and tea.
When sampling tea varieties from our new friends at Miro Tea, we were intrigued by the bold, rich flavors of their Rooibos. Its leathery, woody profile seemed like a natural counterpart to another ingredient we’ve featured in the past – cascara. These husks of the coffee fruit, prominently on display in Helsar, emit unique notes of cherry fruit leather and a near-savory element.

To extract each flavor, we started by steeping the Rooibos tea in a simple grisette base for an extended contact overnight. Afterward, we finished the beer off with a week-long maceration on the cascara.

Bright coral in color, Annika releases notes of dried plum skin, musky leather, a hint of brown sugar, and finishes with a distinct woodiness reminiscent of a fresh cup of Rooibos tea.

29 Batch No.
Saison Style