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W&L No. 042: Selene

an oak-aged farmhouse ale with Peach Blossom White Tea

This delightful creation in our experimental series continues the exploration of infusing our saisons with a range of tea varieties from our Ballard friends at Miro Tea. The delicate aromas and flavors from these teas have melded beautifully with our saisons in past releases, and today’s is no exception.

From our R&D brewer Matt:

We’ve been loving the results of tea steeps from Miro with our beer. When we visited a couple months back, we did some sensory on a number of different teas and this Peach Blossom tea stuck with me ever since. The aroma was as floral as it was fruity and I was intrigued how that would translate to our beer. The tea itself is a combination of white peonies and peach blossoms resulting in strong fruity peach notes with a lingering floral aroma.”

Providers: Miro Tea
6.3% ABV
Peach Blossom White Tea Other Ingredients