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W&L No. 039: Edgar

a saison with local Italian Plums

At the tail end of Autumn in Seattle, the fruit trees growing in backyards bear their last fruits of the season. This is usually when a friend or neighbor will call you up (or holler across the fence) to help them out by taking a bushel or two – anything to ensure the bounty won’t go to waste.

Edgar is the product of this yearly phenomenon: our friends Eric and Joy had a surplus of Italian Plums from their tree, and thought we could put them to use by brewing a beer with them. So that’s exactly what we did.

We started with a base of fruit-forward yet light saison, wanting to accentuate the plum flavor without overpowering it with other notes. Then we added the whole lot of fruit – minus a few to sample, of course – to infuse the dryness of our culture with the ultra-ripe, sweet plums. The beer was then naturally conditioned in the keg.

Now, just as Eric and Joy shared with us, we’re ready to share these delicious plums with you all.

5.3% ABV
1 Batch No.
Fruited, Saison Style