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W&L No. 035: Tozi

A Tepache-inspired Grisette

The tangy-sweet combination of pineapple, piloncillo, and cinnamon makes Tepache an undeniably delicious companion to street tacos and hot days. Tozi marries these notes with a light, refreshing grisette to create a beverage that will make summer last a little bit longer (or so we hope).

We chopped up organic golden pineapples into cubes, added them to our workhorse grisette along with the rind of the fruit, and let it ferment for a month. A rate of 1 lb per gallon allows the pineapple flavor to come through vividly without presenting an overwhelming acidity. We dosed the Tepache-grisette blend with unrefined Mexican Piloncillo and spiced it with cloves and cinnamon sticks, resulting in an extremely gluggable beer that pairs well with spicy food.

5.2% ABV
Fruited Style