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a saison with malted spelt and Sterling hops.

Waltrude is a straw colored saison brewed with malted spelt grown in Eastern Washington and dry-hopped with Sterling hops from Crosby Farms in Oregon. Notes of lime zest and dandelion are followed by subtle acidity and a clean but vanishing finish.

Waltrude is the moment you step out of the tall evergreens and enter a meadow on a spring hike in the Pacific Northwest. Or for urban dwellers, entering your neighborhood nursery on that first warm weekend in Seattle. A nod to La Brasserie de Blaugies, Waltrude is the patron saint of Mons, Belgium. Every year, brewer and owner Pierre-Alex participates in the descent of the shrine during the festival Doudou in Mons. In 2017 on our inaugural visit to Belgium, we met up with Pierre-Alex and his family at Blaugies after the festival Doudou, talked about saisons and finished the evening with a memorable meal cooked at their restaurant Le Fourquet.

Providers: Crosby Hops, LINC Malts
4.7% ABV
1 Batch No.
Saison Style
Sterling Dry Hops
Frank Spelt Malt, Lyon Pilsner Grain