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A farmhouse ale aged in gin casks from Copperworks Distilling Co.

Released for the first time in bottles, Vince is our farmhouse ale featuring the gorgeous botanical elements of gin casks from our friends at Copperworks Distilling.

When we debuted batch one of Vince last year as a draft-only release, it was one of our most requested beers to be packaged. We took notice of these impassioned demands, and now we’re thrilled to share the second batch with you all!

The most marked difference to this version of Vince is a drier finish thanks to 7 months aging in gin casks – but still expect a bold expression of juniper and citrus notes, all enveloped in a refreshing, restrained tartness.

One of the primary goals of our oak-aged program is to highlight how our mixed culture interacts with different barrels, whether it be neutral wine puncheons or specialty spirit casks. We’re pleased with how Vince puts these incredible Copperworks casks on full display.

Providers: Copperworks Distilling Co.
7.7% ABV
Oak-aged Style