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W&L No. 028: Sonny

a saison with roasted Poblano, Chipotle, and Serrano peppers

Hoping to bring on summer in Seattle just a little bit quicker, this installment in our ever-evolving exploratory series brings some much-needed heat to the palate.

The primary goal for this pepper-infused saison was to capture the spectrum of flavors that these particular varieties offer. Earthy, sweet, and smoky notes meld with a discernible spiciness ideal for food-pairing, while satisfying the Scoville-seeking drinkers out there.

From our Head Brewer Nick: “We chose roasted Poblano peppers to lay the foundation for this beer for their mild, earthy flavor. Roasting these Poblanos – which we did in house with a propane torch, no oven, until the skin was charred black – added a sweet and somewhat smoky contribution to elevate the flavor beyond just “green pepper,” as well as to help remove the bitter, waxy skin. Chipotle (dried Jalapenos) were chosen for their more intense smoke flavor. Finally, the Serrano peppers were chosen to bump up the heat a few notches. This blend of peppers was then steeped for a total of 5 days.”

A simple base saison allows this pepper medley to shine with complex aromas and a building heat on the finish. Come enjoy a glass alongside @doritos nachos a la @garzonpnw on our patio – we can’t think of a much better way to spend a Thursday.

28 Batch No.
Saison Style
Poblanos Other Ingredients