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A saison brewed with Sugar Kelp

Salacia is a bright saison with a soft lingering tartness of a Myer Lemon. Brewed with Sugar Kelp from the Hood Canal, the Salacia presents a unique minerality and body with subtle layers of umami, salinity and aromas of a spring ocean breeze.


Brewed to improve our local marine ecosystem we’re donating a $1 of every pint of Salacia to the Puget Sound Restoration Fund.


Sustainable sea farming with passion and purpose.

Growing shellfish and seaweed together on a suspension aquaculture farm enhances water quality, creates habitat, and provides a cost-effective and ecologically sustainable food source.

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Blue Dot Sea Farms operates a 5-acre shellfish and seaweed farm located off Hood Head, Washington. Located in the northern part of Hood Canal, one of the main basins of Puget Sound, their site benefits from an excellent flux of natural phytoplankton, ample tidal currents and a proven capacity to support multiple shellfish species and seaweeds, including kelps.

They operate under a lease with the Washington Department of Natural Resources and a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, both of which have been in place for many years. Their unique oyster, the “Indigo,” is marketed exclusively to fine restaurants by our close friends at Baywater Shellfish Company.


Providers: Blue Dot Sea Farms
5.0% ABV
Saison Style
Baronesse Pilsner, Elwha River Spelt Grain
Sugar Kelp Other Ingredients