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a farmhouse ale with rose geranium and black currant leaves

Introducing Ron, an oak-aged saisons focused on ingredients that represent these two innovators and their passions for flavor exploration. Ron was brewed with blackcurrant leaves and rose geranium. To borrow a phrase (or two), much like the character of the two founders, Ron presents “flavors as complex as the inner workings of Ron Zimmerman’s mind.”⁠

Years ago when we were still in the early stages of developing the brewery, we met Chris and Jack, chefs and operators of the esteemed farm-to-table institution @theherbfarmrestaurant. They were fans of our saisons for their food-pairing potential and happened to be in the market for new fermented libations to add to their beverage program. From this and our shared love of using hyper-local ingredients, a friendship was born!⁠

We were excited to recently have some of our beers served as part of the restaurant’s thoughtfully curated menu, but Chris and Jack both expressed the desire for some special creations that represent The Herbfarm’s origins. After having them come to taste through barrels and brainstorm ideas, we came up with two saisons featuring ingredients grown on their farm and paying tribute to The Herbfarm’s founders: Ron Zimmerman and Carrie Van Dyck.⁠

We’re thrilled for you to taste these special beers, and to commemorate this great dining institution that began 35 years ago as a nursery and educational luncheon series held in a repurposed tractor shed. Thank you to The Herbfarm team, and of course Ron and Carrie, for making this collaboration possible.⁠

Providers: LINC Malts
5.3% ABV
Oak-aged Style
Black Currant Leaves, Rose Geranium Other Ingredients