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a global brewing collaboration with Pravda Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine. 

Roman is a dry hopped golden saison based on a recipe from Pravda Brewery. Adapted by Fair Isle Brewing, we used Washington grain donated by Skagit Valley malting, hops donated by Yakima Chief Hops and fermented with our house culture of feral and wild yeast and bacteria. Since water is such a big component of brewing beer, we also altered the chemistry of the water to mimic that of Lviv. The result is a golden saison dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc presenting aromas of apricots and notes of grapefruit pith, wildflowers and honey.

On March 5th, Pravda brewery announced their ‘Victory Beer Series” releasing the recipes and graphics for five of their beers. Today we are over five months into the war and nearly 500 brewers in North America have mashed in and donated proceeds to relief agencies.

Join us on Wednesday August 3rd, starting at 3pm in our taproom for the release of Roman as we raise money and support the ongoing efforts in Ukraine. Pick up a four pack, enjoy a pint with us or ship a case to your house through our online shop.


Special thanks for donations from:
Skagit Valley Malting
Yakima Chief Hops
Cascadia Canning Co

Providers: Skagit Valley Malting, Yakima Chief Hops
Saison Style
Perle Hops
Hallertau Blanc Dry Hops
Caramunich Type 2, Fritz Pilsner, White Club Wheat Grain