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a saison with roasted beets and carrots

Back in March of 2021 we created two different kegs of vegetable saisons as Windward & Leeward releases – roasted beets and carrots, to be specific. They were intriguing and quite tasty on their own, but we found when blended, the result was greater than the sum of its parts. The body and sweetness of the carrots complemented the deep earthiness of the beets, leading to a beer that was both interesting and balanced. Thus, the inspiration behind Reith was born!

We think Reith is an exciting riff on adjunct-forward saisons not only due to the unique ingredients, but the sensory experience involved in tasting it. We were driven by the concept of achieving flavor notes often associated with fruited beers, but using vegetables instead. Additionally, we wanted to play with the idea of “tasting with your eyes,” where your perception is shaped by the color or appearance of the beer; at first glance, the garnet hue of the beer is reminiscent of fruit punch. The first sip belies this expectation with a note that is distinctly earthy and dry.

Both the carrots and beets were provided by Farmstand Local Foods, grown by Sound Sustainable Farms in Redmond. We love taking advantage of seasonal ingredients, and we’re proud of how this beautiful produce shines through in Reith!

Providers: Farmstand Local Foods, LINC Malts
5.5% ABV
1 Batch No.
Fruited, Saison Style
Baronesse Pilsner, Purple Egyptian Malt Grain