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R.B. Waldo

a grisette with marionberries and boysenberries

Sometimes we want to highlight a specific ingredient (or ingredients) from our awesome group of providers, and R.B. Waldo is a great example of letting some amazing fruit from Sidhu Farms shine through a simple, easy-drinking base beer!

We started with our soft, refreshing grisette featuring grains from Mainstem Malt to set the stage for these extremely juicy hybrid berries. Then it was time to macerate 150 lbs each of boysenberries and marionberries, creating a potently fruity blend to infuse the beer. We like to think of this one as the equivalent of picking up some amazing local berries at the farmer’s market in peak harvesting season, and it’s sure to captivate anyone looking for something on the bright and fruity side.

Providers: Mainstem Malt, Sidhu Farms
4.6% ABV
1 Batch No.
Fruited Style
Walla Walla Genie Pils, Walla Walla Hard Red Light Munich, Walla Walla Soft White Wheat Grain