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a saison aged in a peated whiskey casks

Pjotr (PEE-oh-ter) is a blended saison brewed with Purple Egyptian barley and aged in a Westland Distillery peated whiskey cask for six months.

Many smoked and cask-aged beers are dark, but Pjotr goes against the grain, bringing you bright notes of grilled stone fruit to compliment the inherent peated undertones. With depth and complexity, Pjotr is a trompe l’oeil in flavor, fooling taste buds with the illusion of an elaborate hidden process.

Our beers mature in wine barrels, puncheons and foeders, but also casks from Westland Dillstery’s Cask Exchange program. In the words of Westland, “the creative spirit and camaraderie of Pacific Northwest brewing and distilling are on full display in with these limited edition collaborations.” Brewers from across the state borrow these casks for a batch of beer, returning them to Westland for re-use. Pjotr was our first beer to be released under this collaborative relationship.

Pjotr will transport you to grilling peaches along the Washington coast on a summer’s evening.

Providers: LINC Malts, Westland Distillery
7% ABV
Oak-aged, Saison Style
Baronesse Pilsner, Purple Egyptian Malt Grain
Peated Whiskey Casks Fermenation Vessel / Aging Methods