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a spelt saison with Saaz hops

Simple, straightforward and easy-drinking. Inspired by the saisons of Wallonia, Pierre joins the ranks of Madame and Waltrude in our collection of traditional-leaning recipes (with the exception of our house culture, of course).

A portion of Elwha River Spelt Pale from the great LINC Malt in the grain bill gives Pierre a soft, fuller body while remaining brisk on the palate. Classic Saaz hops bring lovely floral and spicy notes that mingle with the light tartness and dry finish of our mixed culture.

We can envision drinking this one on a warm sunny day, a cool rainy evening, and… well, anytime, really. Whether you’re looking for a table beer fit for food pairing or just something easy to sip over a conversation with friends, Pierre is it.

Providers: LINC Malts
5.4% ABV
Saison Style
Saaz Hops
Elwha River Spelt Grain