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W&L No. 019: Persephone

an heirloom grain saison with pomegranate juice

This lovely seasonal beer came to fruition thanks to Jessica, our assistant brewer Matt’s fiancée. “It’s her favorite fruit, she has one every night during Pom season,” he says. “One night, I humored her by juicing a few Pom seeds and dosed a bottle of Leila with it…. and it was fantastic.”To create this special saison, Jess and Matt spent the day de-seeding 24 pomegranates and juicing the seeds by hand – “We were afraid the seeds would contribute a lot of earthiness that we didn’t want in the beer.” At a rate of 1 lb of fresh pomegranate juice per gallon, Persephone presents a vibrant palate of tropical fruit and gentle acidity.Soft, rounded notes of Granny Smith apple and pear from Leila are complemented by flavors of ripe guava and tangy berries. “To me, it’s a little reminder of summer, using a winter fruit,” Matt says.

19 Batch No.
Fruited, Saison Style