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a piquette-inspired farmhouse ale with Syrah grapes and foraged Douglas Fir tips

Orrorin is the first installment of an evolving collaboration series with two wonderful Seattle bottleshops: Bottleworks and Full Throttle Bottles! A project months in the making, we’re thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait for you to taste what we all came up with.

Back in February 2021, we had the fine folks from both establishments come to pull nails and taste through some barrels. After some deliberation, we decided on a blend of an oak-aged beer with second-use Syrah grapes sourced from the renowned Red Mountain AVA which brought a punchy fruit character into the mix.

Months later, we headed out to Fall City to forage for fresh new-growth Doug Fir tips. The distinctive lemon balm flavor of this choice Northwest ingredient adds a brightness to the beer, while providing earthy and herbaceous undertones. Expect pronounced strawberry and citrus aromas, a hit of pine, balanced acidity, and a signature Fair Isle dry finish.

Each year we will embark on a new project with these two bastions of the Seattle beer community, always focused on ingredients foraged in the Pacific Northwest and emblematic of our beautiful surroundings. Much like its name suggests, Orrorin is the genesis of this evolving collection.

6.2% ABV
1 Batch No.
Puncheons Fermenation Vessel / Aging Methods
Fir Tips Other Ingredients