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an oak-aged ale with second-use blackberries and gin botanicals

While wondering how to put to use some second-use blackberries after brewing Tove and Falkor, our R&D brewer Matt had the idea to combine these fruity and herbal notes with gin botanicals. The wonderful folks at @copperworksdist helped bring this vision to life by donating some spent botanicals from their gin – a complex blend of juniper berries, grains of paradise, lemon and orange peels, and a smattering of other aromatics. 

The result is an enigmatic beer with punchy herbaceous notes and a long-lasting, verdant finish. Many of our saisons place a premium on balance and drinkability, but Orris is decidedly a slow sipper. After all, sometimes it’s best to embrace the funk in mixed culture beer!

Providers: Copperworks Distilling Co.
5.8% ABV
1 Batch No.
Gin Botanicals Other Ingredients