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Méi Zi

an oak-aged farmhouse ale with Plumrose Oolong Tea

An Oak-aged ale with Plumrose Oolong Tea, hibiscus and a dash of licorice root – 4.5%

For batch number two, we leaned into this summer crusher by reducing the ABV and packaging it in 12 oz slims!

We love the delicate, often aromatically striking qualities teas impart, and have been lucky to work with the wonderful folks at Miro Tea right here in Ballard to source some incredibly flavorful varieties. 

Méi Zi starts with a bright foeder-aged beer made with @lincmalt, and then steeped with a Plumrose Oolong, hibiscus and a dash of Licorice Root for a hint of anise-like complexity. Notes of watermelon hard candy and strawberries lead the way, with nectarines following in the mid-palate and a decidedly herbal component in the finish. 

Providers: Miro Tea
4.5% ABV
2 Batch No.
Plumrose Oolong Tea Other Ingredients