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an oak-aged farmhouse ale with Asian pear juice from Nashi Orchards and second-use smoked pears

Last July we created a co-ferment of oak-aged farmhouse ale with freshly pressed Asian pear juice from our friends at Nashi Orchards out on Vashon Island. The juice, taken from late season Korean Giants grown in Hood River, was blended with a hop-forward saison and rested in neutral oak barriques for 11 months. This extended maturation allowed the two elements to truly meld and transform into something greater than the sum of its parts.

After finishing another project featuring smoked Anjou pears, we put the leftover fruit back to work and racked Mago on top for a quick steep prior to packaging. This step brought the pear flavor out to the forefront, resulting in a lightly smokey and extremely fruit forward perry/beer hybrid!

We’re pleased to collaborate with Nashi, as we’re fans of their philosophy and methods of producing perry and cider; we’re equally excited to venture down the path of exploring myriad possibilities in the world of co-fermentation.

Named after the goddess responsible for creating mountains, rivers and islands in Korean folklore, Magohalmi is a nod to the bounties of our local natural environs.

Providers: Nashi Orchards
7.6% ABV
1 Batch No.
Fruited, Oak-aged Style