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an amaro inspired oak-aged ale

Lou Graham is our special holiday beer made in collaboration with the fine folks at Fast Penny Spirits. Inspired by their Americano Amaro we present Lou Graham, an ambrée stock ale aged in Westland Distillery PX Sherry casks for six months. Just prior to bottling we infused the beer with ingredients from Fast Penny’s Amaricano amaro: orange peel, bay leaves, sage, marjoram and many others. Lou Graham is luscious, fragrant and dry, but with a perceived sweetness from the orange peels and herbal piquant undertones.

Providers: Westland Distillery
7.1% ABV
1 Batch No.
Oak-aged Style
CaraHell, CaraRed, Munich Type 2, Special W, Vienna Malt, White Wheat Club Grain
Bay Leaves, Marjoram, Orange Peel, Sage Other Ingredients