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W&L No. 016: Kerugoya

a saison with Kenyan coffee and raspberries

Starting with Madame R. Galle as the base, we cold steeped this playful coffee saison with Stamp Act Coffee Mwendi Wega beans for 24 hours. This bright, fruity varietal imparts a delicate earthiness to our house beer along with vivid notes of blackberry and lime zest.Twenty pounds of raspberries from our friends at Sidhu Farms round out the palate, enhancing the coffee profile and adding a gentle acidity to the finish. Flavors of ripe bramble fruit, subtle green capsicum, and rich blackcurrant abound.

Providers: Farmstand Local Foods, Sidhu Farms, Skagit Valley Malting
16 Batch No.
Fruited Style
Coffee Other Ingredients