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KC S:2 Batch F

oak-aged saison with Miro Sakura Sencha tea and Meadowfoam honey

Batch F is an evolution of our Windward and Leeward beer Hanami, a saison steeped with Sakura Sencha tea from Miro Tea in Seattle. The tea is a rare blend from Japan of organic Sencha and lovely cherry leaves and blossoms.


Inspired by the original test batch, we started with the same concept but elevated the contents: a soft oak-aged beer, the delicate notes of flowers from the Sakura Sencha tea and notes of honeycomb from Meadowfoam Honey.


For the base beer we used a saison stock brewed with Salish Blue malts (the featured malt in Hannah), fermented it in French oak puncheons, and then conditioned it for an additional six months. The softness of this oak-aged beer laid the groundwork for our tea steep, but the tour de force was the Meadowfoam honey cultivated in central Oregon we used to bottle condition.


Batch f celebrates the Summer past with notes of spring flower fields, graham crackers, lime pith and marshmallows.

6.0% ABV
1 Batch No.