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W&L No. 038: Josephine

a wet hop saison with Cascade

Whether you’ve been following us from the beginning or you’ve just discovered Fair Isle, you probably noticed our approach isn’t exactly conventional. So, true to our identity, we’re releasing our only fresh hop beer of 2021 at the tail end of January 2022! 

This is our second time brewing Josephine, and this batch is tasting mighty fine. Starting with a simple base beer with a comparable grist to Bobbi, we then added a dry-hop of western slope fresh Cascade grown by Josephine Farms. Expect Cascade’s signature spicy citrus character mingling with the light acidity of our house culture, and a dry finish thanks to a couple months of natural conditioning in the keg. 

5.9% ABV
2 Batch No.
Saison Style
Cascade Hops
Cascade Dry Hops