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An oak-aged ale with blackberries and botanicals

We kick off our anniversary week with: Johann, an oak-aged ale with blackberries and botanicals. Continuing our foray into the combination of saison and cocktail-inspired flavors, Johann is a deep dive into the complex world of bitters, botanicals, and fruit.


From Geoffrey: “This beer started off drawing inspiration from a fantastic amaro-like cocktail bitters from The House of Botanicals called Dandelion & Burdock Bitters – and then it went somewhere else altogether. The key botanicals we started with were orange and lemon peel, dandelion and burdock root, ginger, star anise and gentian root. Drawing on inspiration from the cocktail world and Fernet Branca (the largest buyer of saffron in the world), we decided to add a substantial saffron addition. The resulting beer is dry, bitter and remarkably complex with the unique, earthy and floral notes of saffron leading the way all while balancing nicely with the blackberries and oak.”