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a farmhouse ale co-fermented with Syrah grape must

We’re particularly excited about Isabelle, as it’s our first public release of a true co-ferment and demonstrates our passion for blurring the boundaries between beer and wine.

Last October we received 400lbs of Syrah grape must from DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, which seemed destined to become the centerpiece of a co-ferment. Starting with a blend of oak-aged farmhouse ales combined with the aromatic Syrah, primary fermentation took place in oak and was further aged for six months in puncheons. 

Another important aspect of this beer is its exceptionally light carbonation – while the majority of the fermentables in Isabelle are in fact malted grains, we wanted to convey the sensory experience of tasting an expressive red wine. We are deeply satisfied with the result. 

Notes of blackberry, plum, herbs, and cocoa are uplifted by the low carbonation, while still retaining a full texture. A dry finish and restrained acidity makes Isabelle a fine companion to any meal you’d pair with a glass of Syrah.

We can’t wait for you to try this one, and look forward to the bright future of our co-ferment program here at the brewery!

Providers: DeLille Cellars, LINC Malts, Skagit Valley Malting
8.6% ABV
1 Batch No.
Fruited, Oak-aged Style
Cashup Raw Soft White Wheat, Copeland Pilsner, Francin Pilsner, Skagit White Club Wheat Grain