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W&L No. 023: Holden

an oak-aged saison

One aspect of our evolving single-keg series is how minor differences in the brewing process can have noteworthy effects on the final beer. Perhaps you remember Holden from mid-November, but this iteration comes from a separate @delillecellars barrel. Even coming from the same type of cask, the D2 wine expresses itself in a new way, with prolonged conditioning adding a touch more dryness to the finish.

The Merlot-dominant blend previously held in the barrel adds a note of plum, harmonizing with second-use blackberries from Tove. Vanilla and a hint of nutmeg from the oak come together to round out the candied strawberry and red currant character

23 Batch No.
Oak-aged, Saison Style
Barrique Fermenation Vessel / Aging Methods