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a saison wvvith Salish Blue grain

Hannah is a saison brewed with barley and Salish Blue malt, a new perennial grain species, xTritipyrum aaseae, developed by WSU Bread Lab malted by Skagit Valley Malting and grown in the Pacific Northwest. Hannah is a bright and approachable saison with notes of straw, tangelo and grapefruit.

At first sip, Hannah may not strike you as a groundbreaking saison. There is a creamy mouthfeel that you might associate with soft white wheat, and notes of citrus with a hint of tartness expected of our house yeast culture. However, it’s the local economic and lasting environmental impact of Salish Blue what we are proud to be a part of. Read More

Providers: Crosby Hops, Skagit Valley Malting
4.9% ABV
1 Batch No.
Saison Style
Copeland Pilsner, Salish Blue Malt Grain