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a light and bright grisette

Presenting Gertie, a grisette brewed with grains malted in Walla Walla

Since we flew through our kegs of Fay Fuller as a summery staple, we thought it would be an ideal time to roll out a draft-only release fit for these beautiful sunny days. Gertie is a light and bright grisette brewed with Pilsner, Munich Red Wheat, and White Wheat from the fantastic folks at Mainstem Malt.

Gertie is actually the base of many of our lighter beers, and we’ve been enjoying it so much we thought we’d put some into kegs as a perfect easy-drinking, lower alcohol option at the taproom. 

Swing by and enjoy a pint on the patio to kick off your holiday festivities!

Providers: Mainstem Malt
4.2% ABV