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A well-loved recipe that made its debut as a Windward & Leeward release, Falkor is part of our never-ending story of pairing herbs with fruit beers.

We started with a base of imperial saison aged in neutral oak puncheons for 5 months. There is an intriguing near-savory note present in our higher gravity oaked saisons, and the intense herbaceous, anise-like quality of tarragon seemed to be a great ingredient to heighten and complement this aspect. To create a solid backbone of juicy berry flavor, we added incredibly delicious Triple Crown blackberries from our friends at Sidhu Farms during the last 5 weeks of aging. The tarragon, picked from Andrew’s backyard, steeped with the beer for the final week.

You can expect a pronounced bouquet of fruit character interplaying with a fresh, herbal top note. We’re quite pleased with how these ingredients intertwine in Falkor, along with a pleasant perceived sweetness in the finish from the higher alcohol base beer.

Providers: Sidhu Farms, Skagit Valley Malting, Yakima Chief Hops
8.6% ABV
Fruited, Oak-aged Style
Tarragon Other Ingredients