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W&L No. 022: Coen

a rye saison dry-hopped with Simcoe

There is a singular quality to beers brewed with Rye often described as “rustic” or “grassy.” We were thrilled to use Mecca Grade Estate Malts exceptional malted Rye to create a saison that marries the honeyed, herbal quality of the grain with the complex tartness of our house culture. But when we smelled a recent lot of hops from Yakima Chief after sampling our Rye saison out of the tank, something clicked: why not amplify the spicy orange character of this special grain with the deep citrus-driven notes of Simcoe? Enter Coen. With a hefty dry hop at 2 lbs per barrel of Simcoe, it exhibits rich notes of pomelo, wildflower honey, and the distinctive peppery kick of Grains of Paradise. An assertive, pleasant bitterness brings a dry and refreshing finish.

Providers: Mecca Grade Estate Malting
22 Batch No.
Saison Style
Simcoe Dry Hops
Pelton Pilsner, Rimrock Rye Grain