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W&L No. 020: Clarice

a Biére de Garde with carmaliezed pears

A few years ago while experimenting with cocktail bitters and tinctures, Geoffrey created an infused spirit that stuck in his mind: roasted and caramelized D’Anjou pears in bourbon. Recently tasting through the soft caramel notes and oaky vanillin profile of our foeder-aged Bière de Garde, it seemed like a perfect foundation to recreate the flavors in the cocktail. “This beer is a reimagining of that… it just seemed to demand some roasted pears.” After coring, quartering, and roasting 20 lbs of earthy-sweet Comice pears in the oven, the juices of the fruit trans-formed into a beautifully thick, caramelized sugar. We then added the finished product to the Bière de Garde at a rate of one and a third lbs per gallon, triggering a new fermentation.Clarice presents with rounded flavors of deep caramel and vanilla, with the fruit amplifying the rich tones and adding a new layer of complexity. A full mouthfeel and a lingering finish make this a beer to be savored, much like the cocktail behind its inspiration.

20 Batch No.
Fruited, Saison Style