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a saison with notes of petrichor and tangelo

Camellia is a saison with pale orange hues and brewed with malted barley and wheat from Skagit Valley Malts and Hallertau hops from Yakima Chief Hops. A break from your classic winter beer, Camellia has notes of tangelos, pineapples and lingering dried apricots. Expressing a chalky minerality and petrichor notes, it reminds us of summer storms in the Southwest. In the 1970s our brewery was home to a begonia warehouse operated by the Brown Bulb Ranch. They laid the foundation for America’s lead in tuberous begonias including the varieties Madame R. Galle and the Camellia Double.

Providers: Crosby Hops, Skagit Valley Malting
7.2% ABV
1 Batch No.
Saison Style
Fritz Pilsner, Skagit White Club Wheat Grain