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a grisette with ginger and lime

Inspired by the flavors of a Moscow Mule cocktail, Baker is a ginger and lime-infused grisette thought up at one of our Fair Isle family lunches. A collective brainstorm session led to this ingredient combination: something familiar, yet with a punchy spice character we’ve never explored.

To create the Moscow Mule profile, we cut whole limes into wheels and whole organic ginger into slices (with the skin included) and steeped them in the beer for a week. The microbes living on the skin of the ginger were welcomed to cohabitate with our house culture, which added additional character for the remaining steeping period.

We think the warming character of ginger when paired with the tanginess of the lime makes for a wonderful, easy-drinking beer perfect for the shift into cooler temperatures and changing colors.

Providers: Mainstem Malt
4.6% ABV
1 Batch No.
Walla Walla Genie Pils, Walla Walla Hard Red Light Munich, Walla Walla Soft White Wheat Grain