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a grisette with foraged Douglas Fir tips ⁠

Using foraged ingredients that reflect the environs of the Northwest is part and parcel to our brewing philosophy. One of our personal favorite examples was a beer from last year featuring the distinctive notes of Larch tips, and for today’s Windward and Leeward creation, we experimented with a similar ingredient. ⁠

Archie started as Gertie, our light and easy-drinking grisette, and was then steeped with fresh young Douglas Fir tips foraged near Fall City. When these bright green tips emerge in the springtime, they have a bright, piney-citrus flavor. After steeping and naturally conditioning with Meadowfoam honey, Archie bursts with bold notes of lemon-lime shrub, lemon balm, and resinous evergreen. ⁠

Conifers are undeniably emblematic of the Pacific Northwest, and drinking this beer will remind you of taking a stroll through old-growth giants in late springtime – no need to even tie up your hiking boots! ⁠

Providers: Cultivate Cascadia, Mainstem Malt
4.2% ABV
Foraged, Saison Style
Fir Tips, Meadowfoam Honey Other Ingredients