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an oak-aged farmhouse ale featuring Eastern Washington-grown malted grain.

Our newest release is a twofold showcase of oak and specialty grain varieties, all malted by our friends in Spokane at LINC Malt.

Almota started with a base of Pilsner malt from Joseph’s Grainery in Colfax, WA, which was then fortified with Frank Spelt from Homestead Family Grains. Additions of raw Red Russian Wheat and Purple Egyptian Pale grown by Palouse Heritage in Endicott round out the malt bill with a robust texture and rustic dough-like character.
The second aspect of Almota comes from an extended rest in oak providing time for our house yeast culture to mature giving way to notes of stone fruit and Meyer lemon merging the yeast character with the texture and body of the oak.

The end result is something we’re proud of: a dry, balanced farmhouse ale with a higher level of refreshing bitterness than our other offerings. Additionally, Almota puts on display the importance of oak-aging in our beers without any adjuncts – and it wouldn’t exist without the amazing specialty grains and maltsters we’re privileged to work with here in Washington state.


Almota is named after a spot on the Snake River not far from Joseph’s Grainery.

Providers: Crosby Hops, LINC Malts
5.3% ABV
Oak-aged Style
Baronesse Pilsner, Frank Spelt Malt, Purple Egyptian Malt, Red Russian Wheat Grain
MO Oak Foeder, Puncheons Fermenation Vessel / Aging Methods