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a saison with foraged fireweed

Alexandra is a saison brewed with fireweed foraged from the Cascades. Fireweed is an opportunistic flower that shoots up in the spring and flowers in the late summer. Light and bright, Alexandra has notes of green tea, herbs, lime and hay. We fell in love with the ingredient fireweed when we did a collaboration in 2016 with Jester King Fair Voyage (we brought down foraged fireweed for the beer). Our friend and ethnobotanist, Alex, first introduced us to fireweed for it’s similarity to green tea and ability to sustainably harvest.

Providers: Cultivate Cascadia, Skagit Valley Malting
4.7% ABV
1 Batch No.
Foraged, Saison Style
Copeland Pilsner Malt, Fritz Pilsner Malt, White Club Wheat Grain
Fireweed Other Ingredients